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winter weather. new luck we are not having any tucker barnes. certainly not in the next couple days the hottest temperatures we have had in some days, heat watch in effect, sentinel, showing you quiet conditions, if you -- a lot of haze humidity in the atmosphere generally we should be sunny, hazy sun shin temperature -- sunshine, temperatures expect to be back in the 90s. warmer day by day, yesterday 97 today back in the mid-90s. 79 ocean city haggers town 74 fredericks burg 77 forecast today 94, lots of sunshine hot, humid, just the slightest possibility of an isolated thunder storm late in the day most of the day should be dry, and as i mention, setting the stage for our real heat wave to start tomorrow details coming up in just a couple minutes,
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back to you guys. >> all right now to our top story emergency session of the british parliament on the phone hacking scandal, rocking britain. british prime minister david cameron getting tough questions from lawmakers emphatically denying claims his staff tried to interfere in phone hacking and police bribery at the news of the world newspaper. >> cameron cut short a trip to south africa, rushing back to britain to deal with this scandal he is under fire hiring andy coleson he was editor during this whole hacking scandal. >> it has been suggested that my chief of staffer was behaving wrongly, when he didn't take up commissioner crates offer to be proofed on phone hacking i said that they should pursue the evidence wherever it leads, and arrest exactly who they wish. and that is exactly what they
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have done. >> now yesterday, during testimony by news corp. chairman rupert murdoch a protestor hurled a plate of shaving cream at him his wife wendy on the left in the pink see her right behind him now landed a right hook on the guy before the police arrested him before the encounter, murdoch and his son james told particle meantry committee they were not -- particle meantry committee they were not aware of phone hacking. >> this is the most humble day of my life >> i think frankly, i am the best person to clean this up. >> also released today parliamentary report that police were involved in the investigation. >> eric holder says he is willing to meet with families
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of 9/11 victims concerned phones may have been hacked in the scandal families issued a request for a meeting withholder, fbi director and house you dish area committee ranking democrats -- judiciary committee, ranking democrats monday. we continue to follow a developing story an accident involving an arlington county police officer near washington boulevard, and north lee road, roads back open to traffic. stacy is live in arlington with the latest. stacy. >> reporter: well, the road is reopened and commuters are moving through here smoothly, what remains a mystery is exactly how this accident came to pass, let me show you video from earlier this morning it started around quarter after 2 when an arlington county police officer driving an suv was headed on a call, response to a call for a fight at boston mall when the officers cruiser collided with a toyota corolla
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driven by a female the officer was headed southbound, north glieb road the female was making a turn it was a devastating accident the suv the officer was driving was just smashed, he was taken to hospital with very serious injuries he is 40 years old, five year veteran of the force and the woman in the other vehicle apparently suffered minor injuries. we have not been told whether or not speed or alcohol were a factor in this collision we also do not know if the officer had lights and sirens going at the time the road was closed many hours but reopened 7:30 a.m. this morning and cars are now moving through just fine reporting live stacy cohen back to you. >> thank you very much. another developing story, an elderly man shot and killed inside his home on chancellor way springfield police found the body of 75-year-old gary hanson 6:00 p.m. yesterday, officers have not made any arrests an all points
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bulletin due to a medical issue has been issued for the victim's son who has not been named a suspect. >> police looking for a suspect in hammer attack in cull pepper virginia. they are looking for fred di fernandez he approached a man at a business looking for a job. when the victim turned him down fernandez hit him with a hammer. a man suspected of shooting at the pentagon last month is in court but today's hearing for the 22-year-old is not for firing on military buildings his court date is for breaking into cars in lees burg the alexandria man was charged last month for shooting at the pentagon marine corps museum and other military buildings. bethesda based lock heed martin offering another
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voluntary layoff program for 6500 employees based in the u.s. who report to corporate headquarters or internal business services organization now about 2,000 of its employees are based here in the dc region, severance package provides two weeks of pay plus another week of pay per year of service, up to 26 weeks, those eligible have until august 12th to decide this is just the latest in a string of recent moves to cut jobs at that company. well, talks to raise the nation's debt ceiling could move to the white house as a compromise agreement is starting to gain steam new tax hikes are back on the table. fox's doug luzader has the latest from capitol hill. >> republicans would have to back away from the pledge of no new taxes but the white house is optimistic this latest plan could work. >> president obama didn't exactly commit. >> i think that we are in the same playing fields. >> the white house is trying to
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get back in the game learning that the sew called gang of six -- so called gang of six now seven senators trying to bang out a bipartisan debt agreement has made progress. >> i think there is a way to allow everybody to come together everybody can say i got something and i gave something. >> in broad terms, a plan to raise the debt keeling and reduce deficit long term -- deficit long term by raising taxes and that aspect will be tough if many republicans to swallow. >> earlier in the day republicans in the house pushed through a plan for an even larger spending cut no new taxes and a balanced budget agreement something the president promised to veto. >> word of a compromise has the market on a tear yesterday, enthusiasm in washington is tempered. >> there is one person pretty important that has not put a plan on the table yet, president obama for all this talk we have gotten speeches,
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gotten press conferences we have yet to see any proposal from the president to fix this problem. >> the president has been very reluctant to get into specifics but this latest compromise in his words, broadly consistent with what he wants. in washington doug luzader, fox news. all right also on capitol hill the battle over gay rights today the senate judiciary will have its first ever hearing on repealing defensive marriage act same sex couples will testify at that hearing this is the first step getting respect for the marriage act voted on in the senate president obama supports that legislation that would make same sex couples eligible for certain benefits. >> in maryland by the end of this week governor o'malley says he will announce what role he will play in advocating a same-sex marriage bill. he has been looking how new york approved legislation including protection for religious freedom that might improve efforts to get a bill through in maryland.
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>> new developments, they agreed the county would build three parking garage it is cost wouldn't be absorbed into the overall project any more but there are conditions including metro station has to be built above ground airport authority donates land for a garage and no local tax money is used to pay for garages. >> military identified three soldiers from world war ii missing in action later today, they will be buried at arlington national cemetery with full military honors army private first class lawrence harris west virginia, corporal hellum mississippi and owens died in eastern france they will be buried as a group in arlington. >> city of monassis commemorating the battle of monassis. we are taking the show there
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live tomorrow but getting a preview. the executive director joins us next with details. >> soon it could get eye yeter over our -- quieter over our local airports. we will be right back after the break 
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good morning houston and to the great folks at the kennedy space center who have cared for these vehicles for the last 30 years a special good morning to you. this is flight day 13 for space shuttle atlantis the four astronauts tested flight systems this morning everything checked out perfectly atlantis will touchdown at kennedy space center cape canaveral, before 6:30 a.m. tomorrow morning. excellent weather forecast the
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30 year final flight of their program. >> nasa is continuing efforts to improve how satellites measure air quality a research flight will fly over baltimore parkway, it is difficult to use measurements from space to get an accurate reading. new technology is being used at two local airports to help quiet the skies, itt providing regan national and dulles international a flight operations data feed to monitor aircraft noise and flight tracking systems, itt has a one year contract to improve noise for both airportsurrounding communities. >> local environmentalists are concerned that a snake head fish migrated to waters other than the potomac river scientists found an egg bearing snake head in the rogue river near annapolis they were first discovered in 2002 in a pond in maryland two years later it
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turned up in the potomac scientists thought they were contained. >> with all this rain that we had in the winter and spring we actually have a fresher water in the bay than we have had since 2004 when the fish was established in the potomac. >> snake head fish are an innovative species that can damage or destroy natural habitat and push out local fish, researchers were back today, checking samples to see if more fish were lurking in the water let's hope no. >> we don't want to see those, all right. >> progress made in shutting down that damaged nuclear plant in japan what clean up crews managed to accomplish so far and what they plan to do next. >> holly is picking audio tape paint brush. -- picking up a paint brush we will check with her in a minute we will be right back ♪[ music ] >> music first here is a look at the trivia question we never got to answer yesterday. >> right.
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>> we are back here i am here here we go what is the source of the lyrics of the birds 1965 song turn turn turn >> i love that song >> i do too. >> all right. don't sing just read. was it a can opener, a record player, merry-go-round or the bible. the answer coming up in just a little bit don't go in where ♪ [ music ] ♪ 
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tomorrow city of monassis will kick off a four day event to commemorate the first battle. we will be down there tomorrow morning to preview it all for you today, debbi the executive director of historic monassis
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ink will join us to talk about what will take place good morning. >> good morning. >> i see thursday, tomorrow, the jubilee of peace reenactment at the courthouse is something that -- is this kicking it off? or several things tomorrow? >> there are several things taking place tomorrow all the sites will open at 8:00 a.m. jubilee of peace is the 100th anniversary reenactment at the old courthouse, 4:00 p.m., that is -- we are doing the commemoration of the 150th year on the first battle but this took place after the first battle this is unique to our area we are excited to share that. >> what are we going to see there? give people an idea, a preview. >> president taft will deliver speeches as well as modern day
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our mayor will deliver a speech. we have 48 peace maidens that will be on site and you will see a lot of what we are recreating that took place in 1911 the crowds, the people that will be there, that are just going the give you the feel of what took place on that courthouse 1911. >> now of course this is a four day centennial event that we are looking at here. some of the other things that will be going on through sunday you will have a lot of activities, going on at camp monassis talk about that for a bit. >> we have demonstrations going on camp monassis for all four days cannon drills, muskrat firing, life during the 1800s we have a log cabin out there, a field of tobacco planted with the corn, also going to be horse drills so you will see a
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lot of very military as well as lifestyles of the 1800s on that 26-acres. >> and i noticed friday as well there is going to be a parade, you know, thousands of people from what i understand will come here for this event, tell me though, we are expecting it of course tucker barnes has been talking about this all week, the heat that we are going to deal with do you have any plans to kind of try to keep people cool out there? in what will be very dangerous heat over the next several days. >> we have anticipated for the past few years, for the planning of this, this is july and virginia we knew it would be hot we have been working with our emf group here we have cooling tents, misting tents, red cross tents set up for individuals and of course i have a lot of water coming in. >> which will definitely be needed as well. talk a little bit about too,
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has to events, some of them are ticketed events these are things that you are raising money actually to help preserve some of the areas out there. tell us a little bit about where this money will go towards. >> we have liberia plantation one of the open sites for the four days a beautiful house, beau regard stayed there. we are trying to preserve that. the ball saturday night proceeds will go to the restoration of that plantation. >> okay debbie hayes the executive director historic monassis ink see you out there tomorrow bright and early 6:00 a.m. >> don't forget all the buses are air conditioned too so that is going to hell within the heat as well. >> that will. very good point to make there. thank you see you later. >> thank you. >> again as i mention we will
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take fox 5 on the road tomorrow to honor the 150 years since the battle of monassia an in depth look at the legacy there. wisdom. >> two american citizens charged with acting as agents for the pakistani government. said lives in fairfax, prosecutors allege he was paid millions to lobby for kashmirs independence he is not registered with the justice department as a lobbiest for a foreign government a second american living in pakistan is also charged. >> in afghanistan taliban reports their leader has die -- says reports their leader has died are false. text messages claimed he was dead but a taliban spokesperson said that is not true and the message was the result of a phone hack, the alleged announcement the commander of
9:25 am
the muslim faithful was dead sparked rumors he died. four months after the disaster in japan officials announce success in stage one stabilizing the nuclear plant the reactors have been stabilize for more than four months officials also say radiation around the plant has decreased from peak levels next phase aiming to bring reactors to a cold shut down within six months march's earthquake and tsunami triggered the world's worst nuclear crisis in 25 years. well, she is a fashion icon and advocate, she is also the first lady of the united states now michelle obama may add reality tv start to her resume we will explain when tmzs dax holt joins us. >> think yesterday was hot just wait tuckers toasty forecast after the break keep it here we will be back in just a moment 
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>> take it away. >> oh, we are on camera. let's talk about working out we all know it is important to work out one korean tai bo place class got out of hand the gym is on the 12th floor of a building in a southern city. >> when it kicks into high gear people thought there was an earthquake the building trembled for about 10 minutes. people rushed out into the street crews did inspect the building to make sure it is safe but the gym remains closed. >> not a good idea to do tai bo on the 12th floor. >> how many people were up there. >> not good. >> but probably better to do it inside than outside. >> here in washington area, that is a definite. yeah later today next couple days in for more and more heat
9:30 am
going to get excruciating around here starting tomorrow 100 plus. >> starting tomorrow? >> well, this is nothing yet sarah. >> i know. >> yeah. >> something to look forward to. >> all right. here is the only headline you need to know if you want relief. >> no relief until next week. >> yes, wisdom next week. >> by next week, upper 80s low 90s. >> i know you will you like the heat the rest of us are suffering. >> no relief until next week cooler weather in here by monday right now not the case a lot of heat across the area, 82 regan national overnight low 77 degrees not a combination for much comfort here in washington. 79 baltimore, 83 naval air station, winchester off and running too. 81 for you highs later today low to mid-90s. 95, not comfortable today but the worst is yet to come, as we
9:31 am
have more and more heat building across the area. >> temperatures one problem the other issue is the humidity check out your heat index combination of the temperature and humidity feels like 88 washington, 85 fredericks burg, these will be over 100 later today tomorrow, approaching 110 to 115 in spots that is why we have an excessive heat watch. here is sat late radar nothing to show you, some showers and thunderstorms rumbling through during the late afternoon yesterday and last night nothing going on right now as we look north and to the north and west, no funnel system to bring us relief the jet stream which has been buckling out to the west, ridge of high pressure will kind of loosen itself up and that will allow all that heat out to the west and into the mid-atlantic starting later tonight and tomorrow. the heat wave will stick around right through the end of the weekend. national weather service already issued tomorrow excessive heat watch again, the thinking is the combination of
9:32 am
heat and humidity will approach 110 here tomorrow afternoon that is dangerous heat this is graduated level from a heat advisory a lot of water, take extra precautions animals indoors, heat will get extreme around here for a couple days. >> code orange air quality, lots of sunshine hot and humid, may be thunder storm, 95 daytime high winds out of the north and east 5 to 10. warm and muggy, 78 your overnight low check out an ugly five day forecast. 100 tomorrow, 8 is at night -- 81 at night, friday, 103 i thick our record for the day friday is 104, saturday 101 and cool down to 96 by sunday that is a look at the weather forecast toss it back over to you >> i will take it. so major store chains are teaming up with the first lady to offer more nutritious food at an affordable price mrs. obama will announce national
9:33 am
chains including wal-mart, wall green and super value will expand old stores or open new ones in low income areas. speaking of the first lady could she be the next reality big tv star. >> she already is. >> who had the idea for the hit fox show glee. >> court perhaps? >> tax joining us live -- dax joining us live from l.a. good morning. >> good morning guys. >> so tell us about michelle obama first lady here, you know, she is very talented, now a reality tv star? what is up with this? >> she will head over and join extreme make over home edition for an episode of the show she is going the join them in north carolina and apparently helping build a play land and community resource center for female
9:34 am
homeless -- homeless female military vets i think this is awesome i love this show does so much good for the community around you know the country and she wants to join in, lend a hand, help build this community center for them, i believe she leaves for that tomorrow and then, this episode should air in october it will be cool to see her doing all the work with these guys. >> so good reality tv not anything nasty. >> no, this show makes me feel so good every time i watch it it is so fun to see all these people obviously down on their luck get something so amazing offered to them. >> feel good show. >> all right let's move on any time you are successful a lawsuit follows a new one for glee? >> yes. so basically what is going on one of the producers of glee is now suing a cocreator of the show, saying the two of them came up with the idea of glee they are really good friends they decided to pitch it to
9:35 am
fox, fox loved it next thing you know i guess during negotiations, it was tough to get the creator title for both of them the producer took the lower credit and in the long run said okay i want the cocreator to pay me 15% of anything in the back end deals and apparently that went south he wasn't getting his money so he is now going after the cocreator saying we came up with this together where is my 15% i want it. >> see tucker we shouldn't go into business together ever. >> let's get to -- >> yeah, football players are actually suing the nfl claiming you any this is a whole issue with the concussions, talk a bit about that. >> so 75 former professional football players are suing the nfl for concealing the fact concussions will lead to problems in the future, brain injuries, dementia for 90 years
9:36 am
nfl covered up the fact that playing football could lead to these problems and they said they did studies throughout the years and reports and everything came back saying no, playing football is totally fine, well, i mean, you are smashing into each other's heads how is it people didn't realize there would be problems in the future. same with boxing and other things that are such physical sports i don't know where this is going to go but 75 athletes and they are saying that you know, the nfl did wrong over them. >> now see tucker is nodding his head i can tell he has an opinion. >> no, i had a lot of concussions. >> seriously. >> love talking to you see you soon. >> thanks guys. >> catch him on tmz coming up fox 5 after the news at 6. >> wiz come to you. >> than -- wisdom, to you >> thank you. no one likes a wedding crasher unless it is a teen sensation that can sing. why justin bieber crashed a couples reception coming up
9:37 am
next. >> since we are on the topic of music another look at today's trivia question. what is the source of the byrds 1965 hit turn turn turn a can opener, a record player, a merry-go-round, or the bible. answer coming up in a little bit don't go in where while both lysol and febreze make air smell fresher
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philadelphia eagles quarterback michael vick is throwing his name behind a bill to protect animals he was on capitol hill, to strengthen the bill making taking children to a dog fight illegal. >> doing my time in prison i told myself i wanted to be part of the solution not the problem
9:41 am
i have been speaking to kids urging them to be responsible, and to be good for animals. today, i am here to send a similar message. to help aggress the problem and break the cycle. >> since he got out of prison 2009 he has worked with the humane society, speaking out against dog fighting. all right this was caught on camera justin bieber and selena gomez becoming real life wedding crashers they made an unannounced visit to a wedding reception that was in malibu friday night apparently they were walking by when bieber heard someone singing one of his songs karaoke style he decided to pop in he posed for pictures with the bride and groom and guests as gomez waited off to the side there. i think that is great. can you imagine? apparently you are not a bieber fan by the way i am seeing your face right now
9:42 am
>> i know who he is. >> right >> that is pretty much all i can say. >> because you have no opinion? >> well, -- >> you are afraid of hate mail? >> did i say i love dogs. >> not going to go there. >> since we are on the topic of people who can sing, we could not get to him yesterday but as promised, rashawn patter son will perform right here. >> and it is the east coast premier plein air festival where we find holly hello. >> hey guys i am putting the finishing touches on my painting right now. you are going to be impressed. but everyone becomes an artist when they come to easton when the plein air festival is going on come be inspired we will show you how next. fox 5 morning news 
9:43 am
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>> an artistic and educational family friendly event going on. good morning holly. >> good morning what do you think? >> take a look i am just putting the finishing touches on it. now it was quick you know i started early this morning but i think it is pretty good. >> holly i think you have done a fabulous job look how put all these dark shades, interlocking. >> i haven't even introduced her yet. jennifer okay it is not my painting, it is jennifer's painting and it absolutely is gorgeous but thank you for saying i did a good job i really am amazed how fast you artists work that is one of the big things about plein air. >> you don't have a choice the light is changing so quickly
9:47 am
you need to get your light patterns down and it is good to get interlocking shapes of light and dark as you have done here. >> now for the galleries what does this festival do? i would think gives them an amazing boost. >> yes, it does we get people here that would not normally come to easton and certainly it is a lot of fun activity i mean there is so much going on within the galleries as well we have demonstrations, free demonstrations by national artists that we represent, we have many other venues around town, the whole weekend,. >> now you are here all the time and one of the beauties and the charms of easton is that it is so quiet and relaxing and now thousands are converging on a week on your city, do you really like that? >> we love it when you come across the bay bridge there is
9:48 am
something that happens there is a calm that comes over you it is the eastern shore, land of pleasant living. >> thousands come but everyone is all of a sudden laid back and stress free. >> absolutely. >> channeling their inner artist i will hand you your brush back. i thought they might figure it out it is a totally different easel i am working my way over here to mathew mason the owner of mason's restaurant this beautiful courtyard is a part of their restaurant. >> welcome good morning. >> as a restauranteur this event becoming a destination in such a short amount of time has to be good for business. >> great for business one of our best weekends we really enjoy it, it is such a fun event that goes on in the town there is a lot of great restaurantgreat places to visit art galleries you know, shops, so it is fun just come bring an overnight bag if you want to stay.
9:49 am
>> can you still find a place to stay? >> sure sure you can. >> obviously you know people come i have heard people have just been walking by on the street saying what a wonderful place mason's is what do you think easton really offers people? that maybe other little charming towns don't. >> small town america and wanting to relive years past it is so relaxed and nice here and you know, you see kids riding their bikes and people walking the streets and just a lot of shops owned by individuals. >> you know when you have a big successful festival like this some times it is like be careful what you wish for it grows and grows do you have any tips for people other than bringing an overnight bag of ways to come and really make the most of what is going on here? >> just come early, and walk around and comfortable shoes and just really enjoy it, we are going to have great weather it is really cool here. >> i heard that you bring out this big boat and put a lot of
9:50 am
water in it. >> right we give water away. >> to help keep people cool. >> you come outcome here there will be some water. >> iced cold water. >> and do you think this is a festival -- we have talked about the creative side and artistic side even if you are not a super art person you can come out and enjoy yourself >> definitely it is created right in front of you it is amazing it changes from hour to hour you can see it and then you can see the final piece and it is so much fun especially saturday. >> yeah, they close this entire street down so everyone can come and be artistic. >> right>> our website we have a link to the 7th annual plein air competition and festival going on through sunday before i leave i want to check back in here 13 show you than -- and show you nancy's work i think you missed a spot maybe there.
9:51 am
>> thank you. >> see she is thanking me for being sassy that is just how nice they are here back the you in studio. >> that's right holly says okay i am the expert now i will tell her what to do. all right holly thank you. all right. coming up next we are going to -- say it again? >> we are going to. >> all right i thought he was telling me todom something else right now tony perkens will talk to rason patterson. >> he was the start of kids incorporated back in the 80s he is just one of the kids to go on to big careers, he made his mark and then some his latest cd, blue euphoria dropped yesterday. good to see you. >> thanks for coming in. >> thank you for having me. >> kids incorporated let me talk about that for a second you were involved in the show many people remember it well you are not alone in terms of making a name for yourself.
9:52 am
>> no, fergie mario lopez, jennifer love hewitt. john east wilson. >> was that the big break? >> definitely 1984. >> 1984. >> i want to talk about your music one of the things you are known for was really doing whatever moves you, your styles are varied funk, gospel, jazz, neo soul are any of those true to your heart or just naturally eclectic. >> i am naturally eclectic but my roots were definitely in the church gospel i started singing in my family's church choir and then from there, kids incorporated i learned to incorporate different generas of music we did so many different types of music. >> so let's talk about blue euphoria. what can people expect? >> songs of love you know,
9:53 am
songs that communicate love and the loss of it and the revelations of it. >> very poetic. i like that. >> you are going to do 6:00 a.m. >> yes. >> this is already a single. >> yes. >> yep and folks can go to where? >> itunes,, the album they can get on itunes as well as in stores, best buy, wal-mart, target. >> we look forward to hearing you. here he is. 6:00 a.m. the name of the song. ♪ [ music ] ♪ [ music ]
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♪ [ music ] ♪ [ music ]
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the answer to today's trivia question the source of the byrds song turn turn

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